Below is a list of work I have done in the fields of Sound Design, Composition, Production, Mixing and Mastering. 
 Official Odesza Without You Remix (Music Composition)
Unofficial Coca-Cola commercial (Film composition and Music Composition)
Disclaimer: This piece is NOT affiliated in any way with The Coca-Cola Company
  Unofficial rework of a clip from the film Wall-E (Sound Design and Music Composition)
 Disclaimer: This piece is NOT affiliated with Walt Disney Pictures or Pixar.
 Heavy Metal band Tamerlane Single (Music Composition and Producing)
 Single "Girl" by 1990 (Music Production, Mixing and Mastering)
 Partition LP by Romanticism (Music Composition, Mixing and Mastering)
 Sonoma Wire Works DrumCore 4 Promo Video (Music Composition, Mixing and Mastering)

 1990 full album catalogue (All Music Composition, Mixing and Mastering)